King of App documentation

A technology that allows you to create applications under 4 premises:

Being an open source technology

100% customizable application

Having a template system

Real time look&feel

Being modular

Maximum code optimization

Using HTML5 Technologies

Minimal learning curve

Our online configurator allows you create any application:

Add third-party modules

Choose the look of the app

Build 100% functional applications

Upload the market places


Modules & Services

Modules are able to display data from different sources: RSS, XML, API Rest, etc.

Services run tasks in the background such as analytics, push notifications, session control (login), etc.

They can be written in any of the supported frameworks by the KingOfApp core.

Following MVC standards.



Their function is to change the look of an application without having to modify each module.

It is a system written in HTML5 defined by 25 Polymer elements.

Each of these tags changes their appearance depending on the selected template.

Even simpler than CSS.



The fundamental piece of any application made with KingOfApp.

It allows dynamic loading of any module, service or theme.

Enables loading pieces of code written with any JavaScript framework .

Currently tested with AngularJS, jQuery and Polymer.

Large market with pre-built pieces

Quick prototyping and 100 % functional

Flexibility to add or modify your apps